Legal Aid clients

I accept Legal Aid clients, and I charge for translation and interpreting assignments according to the Legal Aid Guidelines. Invoices are issued on time and have all the information required for Legal Aid.


For certified translations, the fees provided are per page and all the costs include free1st class postage in the UK. All translations that are to be used at the Romanian Embassy in the UK will be issued in two copies, both signed and stamped, in line with the Embassy's requirements.  A minimum fee of £30 applies to small documents and short texts.

For simple translations, the fee will be calculated per word after I review the content.   

Interpreting services

Interpreting assignments are costed based on the complexity and urgency of the booking. I may charge travel time and expenses for certain assignments. I accept 1 hour bookings for telephone or video link interpreting and a minimum of 2 hours  for face-to-face interpreting. 

I can assist with urgent and weekend bookings (for police, Home Office, prison, court and social services) and my rates may be increased by a minimum of 15% for such assignments. 

Payments accepted via bank transfer or PayPal 

If you want to find out more details about my fees or you would like a quote, please send me an email at: